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SVF Vaccines announces the start of a Phase 1 study of its universal Covid-19 vaccine

Stockholm, Sweden; February 28, 2023.

SVF Vaccines AB, formerly Svenska Vaccinfabriken Produktion AB, announces that the first subject has been dosed with its universal Covid-19 vaccine (SVF-002). SVF-002, which has been developed and evaluated by the Horizon 2020 funded OpenCorona project, has been designed to elicit a strong neutralizing antibody response directed against the Spike (S) protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Neutralizing antibodies directed against the S protein are known to be correlated with protection against the disease. However the S protein is highly variable, allowing escape variants to emerge. Unlike approved Covid-19 vaccines, SVF-002 contains three different variants of the receptor binding domain of the spike in combination with two other viral proteins. The vaccine has been designed to induce both neutralizing antibodies and T-cell responses to parts of the virus that are genetically stable and capable of eliminating cells in which the virus is present. This is thought to be especially important for clearing infections in people whose antibody response to vaccination is poor. By directing this T-cell response against parts of the virus that are much more highly conserved, 


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Swedish Vaccine Factory participating in EASL 2022 in London

SVF will be presenting some of the latest results from the hepatitis B and D therapeutic vaccine development at #EASL2022 #ILC2022 in London June 22-26, 2022.

The abstract is entitled “Heterologous prime-boost immunotherapy circumvents tolerance and induces broadly neutralizing antibodies that protects against hepatitis B and D co-infection and hepatitis D super-infection”.

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Swedish Vaccine Factory (SVF) Appoints Richard Bethell as CEO

January 11, 2022, Swedish Vaccine Factory (Svenska Vaccinfabriken Produktion AB), a leader in the discovery and development of vaccines for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, announces the appointment of Dr Richard Bethell as CEO, effective immediately.

“On behalf of the entire board, I’d like to welcome Richard to SVF. We’re very pleased to have been able to appoint someone with such extensive infectious disease R&D experience to SVF.

His past experience in the development of products for the treatment of respiratory infections and hepatitis therapeutics, as well as in fund-raising and business development, made him the ideal candidate as our next CEO” said Prof. Matti Sällberg, chair of the board of directors of SVF.

“I’m delighted to be joining SVF as its CEO. The world is now more aware than ever of the transformative power of effective vaccines, and I’m very excited by the potential of SVF’s vaccine portfolio. I look forward to working with SVF’s founders, Prof. Matti Sällberg, Associate Prof. Lars Frelin, Jens Bäck and Prof. Margaret Chen, to advancing SVF’s lead projects into the clinic”, said Richard Bethell.

Dr Bethell holds a D. Phil. In Biological Chemistry from the University of Oxford. He has thirty years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, the majority of which has been spent on the discovery and development of new products for the treatment and prophylaxis of infectious diseases. Richard is currently Chief Development Officer at STipe Therapeutics, ApS, a venture-funded spin-out company from the University of Aarhus in Denmark. Prior to joining STipe, Richard was Chief Scientific Officer at Medivir AB, where he oversaw the renewal of the company’s R&D strategy, transforming the company from a broad-based early discovery organization into a clinical stage company. Before joining Medivir, Richard held senior positions in the R&D organizations of Boehringer Ingelheim, Shire (now Takeda), Pfizer and GSK.

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Svenska Vaccinfabriken tar upp kampen mot hepatit D

Det är drygt 30 år sedan forskare lyckades bekräfta existensen av hepatit C-viruset. Det var ett första viktigt steg för att hjälpa de miljontals människor som föll offer för dess dödliga verkan. Nu har Karolinska Developments portföljbolag Svenska Vaccinfabriken riktat in sig på virusets aggressiva kusin, hepatit D, i hoppet om att kunna utveckla ett botemedel.


Svenska Vaccinfabriken granted US-patent regarding chimeric genes for immunotherapy against chronic hepatitis B and D virus infections

The 2nd of February 2021, SVF was granted a U.S patent (No: 10,905,760) covering chimeric genes and polypeptides that are useful for the generation, enhancement, or improvement of the immune response to chronic hepatitis B and D virus infections.

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Vi pratar 2021 med Vaccinfabriken

Med en tillökning om hela 40 nya medlemmar under 2020 får SwedenBIO både en ökad tyngd i att föra branschens talan men också som plattform för er medlemmar att nätverka med varandra. Vad ser en av våra nyaste medlemmar Vaccinfabriken för möjligheter under 2021 och vad har de för förväntan på medlemskapet?

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